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SPCDC Spiritual Warfare BBS - NBC Producing Catholic-Bashing Mini-Series

by Catherine Frakas 25 May 2008

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Author Topic Rebecca Administrator USA 1028 Posts
Posted - 04/08/2008 : 09:34:16 AM
NBC is producing a four part mini-series that is a Davinci Code coattail rider, called The Last Templar, yet another movie that portrays the Church as some evil, secret-hiding organization. Here's part of NBC's press release on the series:quote:Later, in present-day New York, Chaykin (Sorvino) witnesses four masked horsemen, dressed as Templar Knights, who storm into the Metropolitan Museum, scattering Manhattan society gathered for the gala opening night of an exhibition of Vatican treasures. She watches in silent terror as the leader of the horsemen hones in on one piece in particular -- a strange-geared device that he grabs as he disappears into Central Park.As the horsemen's dead bodies start turning up -- and the importance of the stolen device becomes more apparent -- Tess and FBI Agent Sean Reilly are drawn into the dark, hidden history of the crusading Knights, and of the last surviving Templars' fateful journey from Acre. The pair is soon propelled into a dangerous adventure that takes them through the cemeteries and sewers of Manhattan, across continents to desolate Turkish highlands, to a violent storm on the Mediterranean that shipwrecks them onto a remote Greek island -- and into the very heart of an incredible Vatican secret.
Info on the book on which the series is based:The Last TemplarIgnatius Press Blog on this topi:Ignatius Insight Scoop

RebeccaSeek not to understand that you may believe, but believe that you may understand. -Saint Augustine
Lazarus Inquirer USA 16 Posts

Posted - 07/02/2008 : 7:27:06 PM
ugh... this stuff is just so tiredaside from the banal storyline, it just goes to prove (once again) that there are no original ideas in Hollywood!

God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world may be saved through Him
ClareFrancis Squire USA 140 Posts

Posted - 07/02/2008 : 8:45:17 PM
From the Ignatius Press blog:quote:[Commence sarcasm] Yeah, those stupid Christians. Sheez. You write a novel claiming to be based in fact and full of damning evidence showing that Christianity and the Catholic Church are based on nothing but lies, big lies, and more bloody lies, and what do they do? They get upset. Can you believe that? What gives? Morons. Ungrateful, prudish, backwards thinking lowlifes. Don't they know it's just a story?
Yeah, Rebecca and Lazarus,don't you know it's just a story? We need to become 'enlightened'. Peace,Clare

ClareI am a little pencil in the hand of a writing God Who is sending a love letter to the world.~ Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Bobby Inquirer USA 25 Posts

Posted - 07/12/2008 : 07:15:07 AM
If there is one thing I take from all these movies, series etc that bash The Catholic Church it is this: If the Catholic Church was NOT the True Church and the enemy of the evil one, we would not be the center of attention. I take these assaults on our Church as a confirmation of what we've known for 2000 years. We belong to the very Church Jesus built upon St. Peter and it is She that, with Christ, is keeping Satan at bay in these troubling times. As long as we remain in the Ark and focus on the Holy Father we shall not come to destruction. THAT is a divine promise! Let us rejoice in our persecution for He also, was persecuted. Topic New Topic Reply to Topic Printer Friendly
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