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Author Topic Therese Squire USA 209 Posts
Posted - 03/08/2008 : 1:58:29 PM
Dear Brother;I plan on buying the Divine Mercy CD preformed by Still Waters and Friends (this is the chanted version) and wanted to know if this will benefit your order or do I have to buy just those books that you mention in other posts.

TheresePrayer doesn't stop work and work doesn't stop prayer Bl. Teresa of Calcutta
rebecca Assistant Moderator USA 385 Posts

Posted - 03/08/2008 : 2:20:04 PM
Dear Therese, I have the answer to that for you. To purchase that CD and benefit the Legion of St. Michael, click the link below. Once you click that link, the CD and anything else you purchase during that browser session will benefit the order. The Chaplet of Divine MercyStill Waters and Friends


Edited by - rebecca on 03/08/2008 2:20:52 PM
Therese Squire USA 209 Posts

Posted - 03/08/2008 : 9:17:32 PM
Thanks Rebecca, I just ordered it tonight. It is a small item and I don't think it will give the order a lot of money but every little bit helpsWhat happens if I what to order anything else? In the summer I usually order some school books. How would I go about it then?

TheresePrayer doesn't stop work and work doesn't stop prayer Bl. Teresa of Calcutta
Bro. Ignatius Mary SPCDC Forum Facilitator USA 991 Posts

Posted - 03/08/2008 : 10:04:51 PM
Dear Therese:Thanks for your order (through us). Every little bit does help.You can go to our homepage -- www.saint-mike.org -- right under the quote of the pope about the Internet toward the top of the page you will see this:
Click on the Amazon banner or on the text, Shop at Amazon & OLSM receives Commission. This will take you to Amazon and you can go anywhere on Amazon and buy anything and we will get a commission.In order for us to get a commission, you MUST use this link on our homepage or wherever else found on our website.Thanks.

God Bless,Bro. Ignatius MaryTo Email, Click here
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