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SPCDC Spiritual Warfare Forum - My Daughter's Guardian Angel

by Catherine Frakas 27 Jun 2007

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Author Topic Bro. Ignatius Mary SPCDC Forum Facilitator USA 634 Posts
Posted - 07/23/2007 : 10:20:21 PM
I just finished watching a new TV show on TNT called Saving Grace with Holly Hunter. (I'll review this show in the Chronicles of Catholic Commentary later).At the end of the show Holly Hunter took her nephew down to the Memorial of the people who died in the Oklahoma City bombing. The nephew's mother (Holly's sister) died in the bombing. She was in the Social Security office waiting in line when the bomb went off at 9:03am.I have never seen the memorial; I haven't been to Oklahoma City since the bombing. When I saw this I began to tear up. As I was watching this TV Show and the conversation revealed that the character placed by Holly was supposed to have babysit the little boy (her nephew) the day before but couldn't because she was drunk or sick or something. This meant that the boy's mother (Holly's sister) had to go to the Federal Building the next day, the day of the bombing. If the character played by Holly had not been sick the day before, her sister (the boy's mother) would still be alive. At this point I lost it.In reality, my daughter and her new baby, my granddaughter only three days old, were suppose to be at the Social Security Office in the Oklahoma City Federal Building at 9am on the day of the bomb. They would have both been killed, and my granddaughter the youngest one killed in the bombing, had they been there.Now for the rest of the story....My daughter did not make the 9am appointment. She overslept. In fact, the sound of the bomb woke her up. I believe now that her Guardian Angel kept her gently asleep.It was days before I knew whether or not my daughter and granddaughter was alive or dead.They survived by a coincidence of oversleeping. My daughter, to this day, does not understand the significance of what happened that day.Anyway, watching the ending of this TV show and how the little boy's mother died by coincidence, it all came back about how my daughter and granddaughter survived the exact same scenario by an opposite coincidence.I praise God and Thank Him for Guardian Angels.

God Bless,Bro. Ignatius MaryTo Email, Click here
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