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SPCDC Spiritual Warfare BBS - Animals used by demons

by Catherine Frakas 18 Sep 2006

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Author Topic Catherine Squire USA 125 Posts
Posted - 01/31/2009 : 5:57:35 PM
Hi everyone,This is related to the previous topic but is a bit different. When I married my husband there were two horses in the family. The one was really nuts and nervous. She had been trained and we did everything we could think of. She was unpredictible and dangerous although not mean. She seemed more frantic and panicky.One day a friend gave me a photo of the horses taken across a pasture from maybe 1/4 mile away. The frantic one had red eyes. I know light can reflect off animal eyes and cause odd lighting. I took that into account but we are talking outside and at a long distance.After taking one look at that I wondered if she was being bother by demonic activity or used somehow. I readily would pray the Blood of Jesus over my home and family but no I had not claimed horses or land for that matter. It had not occurred to me.After preparing myself in prayer I went and laid hands on both horses praying over them, claiming them. I prayed over the land, my home and cars. That was close to 20 years ago. We still have both horses. She did settle down and was and is a fine calm horse. I have to believe somehow she was being targeted or used by evil, bothered. People that knew her before can't hardly believe she is the same animal.Though I don't understand it I believe it and we experienced.SincerelyCatherine

God bless and keep us all especially those who have the faith to pray in the name of Lord Jesus!
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