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Author Topic cherry Inquirer USA 12 Posts
Posted - 07/26/2008 : 09:20:58 AM
Can a house really be haunted? If it can be, can it be non demonic?People say they have seen ghosts , I never have, are all ghosts demons?I once had a priest tell me at San Juan Di Capistrano everyone slept behind locked doors...I'm not sure what good that would have done? Rebecca Administrator USA 1037 Posts

Posted - 07/26/2008 : 09:24:08 AM
Dear Cherry, Here's an article from Bro. Ignatius that you may find helpful:Seven Kinds of Ghosts

RebeccaSeek not to understand that you may believe, but believe that you may understand. -Saint Augustine
Kenneth Deel Inquirer USA 27 Posts

Posted - 07/27/2008 : 11:12:43 AM
The notion of all Ghost are demons are typically the view from fundamentalist Bible only types, whom don't recognize the existence of a place like Purgatory.It isn't dangerous to assume the worse in every case, but prayer of deliverance against a purgatory ghost, obviously isn't going to work.Where as a Catholic for example, if it was clearly a Poor soul, we would offer prayers and masses, etc for the soul to help them.This places many of these deliverance teams are not nearly qualified for the work.This is true for more than one reason, as laying hands on someone or touching a bible on the forehead and reading a few Psalms most often is a very weak and ineffective Deliverance or exorcism.

-Kenneth Deel(Catholic) Demonologistwww.catholicdemonologist.com
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