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SPCDC Spiritual Warfare BBS - healing grace through marraige

by Catherine Frakas 30 Nov 2009

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Author Topic izzypoo923 Inquirer Trinidad and Tobago 11 Posts
Posted - 07/20/2008 : 12:31:14 AM
One day just before Holy Communion I saw an image of a married couple in God's eyes as one being. I understood the words And the Two shall be One. I always pray that my husband will live the life of Christ and I always felt a sadness at Mass because he is not there. This image gave me great comfort and I understood how God is working secretly in my husband.Now when I go to communion I visualize my husband being there in person since he is already there in spirit.I also understood why St. Paul spoke of the unbelieving spouse being made righteous by the believing spouse.

marie teresa of blessed trinity
Rebecca Administrator USA 1035 Posts

Posted - 07/20/2008 : 06:34:36 AM
Hi Izzy, What St. Paul says is true; when one spouse is a faithful Christian, it has an effect on the other spouse. I have seen it in my own house, and can tell from a change in my husband's attitude and from things he says that a change is taking place in his heart. It is slow progress, but the improvement I've seen over the course of several months has been amazing. Hang in there and keep praying for your husband. I went to Church for a long time alone before my husband began to join me weekly.

RebeccaSeek not to understand that you may believe, but believe that you may understand. -Saint Augustine
Bobby Inquirer USA 33 Posts

Posted - 07/20/2008 : 2:20:36 PM
I also can attest to what St. Paul said. My wife wasn't even what we could call a Christian. Sure Jesus was a good man, but that was it. Yeah God is there somewhere....I continued my own spiritual life as a practicing Catholic, bring the kids to Mass on my own. One day she joined us(I had invited her many times with no pressure). She would then skip a few times and so forth for about a month or two. Then she went again and has gone ever since. She became Catholic seven years ago. The reason she gave to convert? Me. Of all I never in a thousand years would I have thought that my actions would have such an effect. I'm not perfect by any means and I will be the first to admit that. But I think it was in my imperfections and my commitment to improve myself as a person by continuing to go to Mass that was the seed. Praying for one's spouse is so important. And it works.Remember, it was the Centurians faith that cured his daughter. It was the faith the paralytics friends that saved him when they lowered him from the roof. It was the faith of the father that cured his son of the demon within him. It was to the head of the household that was said: Believe and you AND your household will be saved. God is so merciful. He gives us SO many ways for us to come to Him. You are the instrument that God is using for your husband. Believe that and act on it. Lazarus Inquirer USA 16 Posts

Posted - 07/21/2008 : 10:09:54 AM
works with wives too... 10 years ago, my wife did not attend Mass. Today, she not only attends regularly, she is a Catechist!She will also tell you that a turning point for her came when she overheard me telling one of our deacons that she was not a practical Catholic... She was really mad (and hurt) by that. But over time, she came to understand that I was not judging her...rather, I was praying for her. I never pressured her...and when our first child started to get a littled older, I began taking her to Mass...despite the fact that I am an accompanist at our church, and taking her would require me to go to two Masses. As they say in AA, it is attraction rather than promotion that brings people back

God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world may be saved through Him
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