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SPCDC Spiritual Warfare BBS - The Moment Time Stood Still

by Catherine Frakas 12 Jun 2007

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Author Topic Lorirose Squire USA 240 Posts
Posted - 05/30/2008 : 9:49:42 PM
I'll never forget a time when my husband and I were married only a year or two. I had to take his balding-tired Toyota Celica to work one morning at the height of rush hour, and if any of you have ever experienced the horrendous traffic on the Grand Central Parkway not too far from La Guardia Airport in New York City, you'll know what I mean.It was about this time that I had just come back to the Church and was in the habit of saying a rosary to myself on the way to work using my fingers as beads.It had rained slightly moments before; only a light rain, just enough to make the roads slick with road grease. I was coming into the merge of the Grand Central with the Van Wyck Expressway and had to pass over a metal grating portion of the road. I suddenly felt catapulted into a literal 360 degree plus 180 degree turn, leaving me facing totally in the direction of the oncoming traffic that passes over an inclined blind spot on the road (similar to those old cowboy flicks showing the Apaches coming over the horizon from nowhere.) The only strange thing was, at the height of rush hour, not one car came looming over the horizon on a literal 5-lane one-direction pass when I had this spin-out. It was if time literally stopped or grounded into slow-mo. It gave me just enough time to do a quick K-turn to head in the right direction. As I peered into my rear view mirror after righting myself, I suddenly saw a swarm of cars coming over the hill as if a gate opened suddenly.It literally felt like time was stayed for me for those few moments by an unknown force. (Of course, I'm positive God's angels or Our Lady was responsible.) If you saw what I saw, you'd be convinced that I would have been no more, given the position I was in. I shook all the way to work, but with a definite smile on my face :) Topic New Topic Reply to Topic Printer Friendly
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