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August 2009 (17) Posted on 08-15-2009 Lita Filed Under (Lita) …from the annals of the Faith & Spirituality Q&A:
On saying no to birth control: This is just more religious interference. A christian version of Sharia law, just masked in language. It amazes me that people can say look at them. stripping rights of women, and forcing them to wear…. They are considered bad people. They’re just more honest about it than christians are. What they call god’s law, the christian taliban calls naturally right. Eggs are eggs. They aren’t people. Much like the dripping cheese omelletes I love, they are eggs. Something that has the potential to become something else, isn’t the something else it could be. But the christians, being no different from their muslim brothers, don’t need any stinking badges. They feel it’s their duty to make people adhere to whatever they say. If you don’t want to use birth control, or get an abortion, don’t. Just remember when you cross the line insisting that yours is the only way, you become what you loathe about those other people.
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