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August 2009 (17) Posted on 08-15-2009 David the Agnostic Filed Under (David the Agnostic) …from the annals of the Faith & Spirituality Q&A:
about sex scandals: hey yet another family values moral right public figure has been caught up in sex scandals. this time a governor spending 80,000 bucks on hookers all the while trying to tell us hey im clening up all the moraly bankrupt degenerats in my state. mabey you holier than thou people should shut up or put up when it comes to morals….so whatcha got hidden in your closet??? prostitutes? porn? altar boy spanking? you guys seem to love judgeing others whilst you are the most moraly bankrupt of us all and when it comes to light its all …..oh i have sinned and im sorry! as to why people like me read your stuff if we dissagree with you … well someone has to call you guys on your b.s. ok now inssult me for your groupies so you feel goog thanks
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