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The Detractor Malefactor Chronicle - Kath the Ranter

by Catherine Frakas 18 Jan 2009

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August 2009 (17) Posted on 08-15-2009 Kath the Ranter Filed Under (Kath the Ranter) …from the annals of the Spiritual Warfare Q&A: Do you want to know why sexual immorality is the most prevalent disease running rampant in the field of spiritual warfare? It all starts at the top. For centuries the kingdom of heaven has referred to porn and sexual lewdness as the main goal of achievement. By achievement, that is simply this…the FORCED coersion of souls into blatant submission of a kingdom that is corrupt and heavy with an insane mindset. For example, mary forcibly uses porn (aka angelina jolie in the buff) to aggrevate and seduce higher forms of intelligence and powers to break their will. They in turn, respond in kind to get their lustful wishes fulfilled. Jesus uses madonna the pop star to the fullest of porn addictions to seduce not only the masses on earth but spiritual powers and beings as well. He forcibly (as I am now being told) rams the penises of male deities and spiritual beings (as well as physical males) right up the behind of madonnas rear while applying his own very physical sensations to the job. Yahweh is not left out in this. Why am I telling you this…It’s because it all starts with these holy? individuals who rape, molest, and beat souls into submission. A far cry from a wholesome Sunday mass. Copies of this message have been sent to the Holy See to open his eyes to the plight of this devious and corrupt system. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is also privy to this information. Even Satan himself is one greatly opposed to this practice. Why, because he has been beaten to near obliteration for this very same instance. If he has had to make changes then sure enough it better NOT be prompted by those pretending to be holier than thou. His intelligence has seen clearly through the veil of deception set upon him and his realm so long ago. This situation is no longer tolerable because evil bondage to the sin of sexual corruptness is just that…EVIL. It’s time to give credit to those trying to move forward by cleaning up the sins of the higher ups…who, by the way are far to corrupt to STOP THEIR MADNESS. If Satan can compromise then why can’t they! Let me state it this way…Satan at least has the brains enough to come to the rescue of a lady being held captive to the cruel and torturous rigors of the kingdom. Does this make any sense? Now what does the bible say? Let me tell you, the reality of it all will turn to heartache and complete disgust. As in this case scenario: This evening jesus, st germain, yahweh, and aleister crowley (yes, he even made it to heaven), were caught in the act of pleasuring eachother as they partook in madonna snorting cocaine! These are the same individuals who rape and molest myself and my family members! Now I have had enough of this bull****…it’s time for you sanctified warriors to get off your LAZY asses and do something constructive! (0) Comments Read More

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