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Back to Evidence of Satan in Modern Word QUESTION from Roberta June 27, 1999 I am sorry to come to this again but I am greatly confused. The real question is why did Satan praises Mary? It is on page 80-81 and Homage to Mary the book I mentioned above. What would be the purpose for Satan to do that? Satan considers Our Blessed Mother Mary his greatest enemy. He would be working against himself to be praising to Mary, knowing that this woman would crush his head. What was the findings from Cure d'Ars on this subject? I should try to buy this book myself but I am rather low on finance for the time being. I know he is Prince of Lies. Thank you!
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on July 9, 1999 Dear Roberta:
Sorry to take so long to answer you. The computer crash last week has me way behind.
As to your question about why Satan would praise Mary, I really already answered this in the last Q&A.;
You must remember, Satan is a con-man. Will a con-man tell a plain and ugly woman that she is beautiful if it will get the woman to trust him so he can take advantage of her?
Satan is a great liar, a great con-artist, a great manupulator. The Bible tells is that Satan can appear as an angel of light.
When it suits his purpose to ultimately deceive a person, Satan would have no problem praising Mary. What better way to make someone confused? or to make a person think that the demon is really an angel?
Satan will do whatever it takes to accomplish his ultimate evil, even doing something that appears good or appears to be an angel of light.
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