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by Catherine Frakas 25 Jul 2003

evidence of satan? QUESTION from Anna S. June 4, 1999 I have heard people talk about how they go through their house sprinkling holy water and praying after certain people have been in their home, because they say they feel a disturbancein the house. I used to pass this off as being a bit silly. However, about a year ago I had an experience that made me rethink this. My nephew, about 11 yrs old- whom I believe is not baptized (we came close to getting them to have him baptized at one point in time)- and his 9 year old sister were at our house for several hours. These 2 fought physically and verbally nonstop (they are from homes where no spanking is allowed because it teaches kids to be violent according to the parents). Anyway, the atmosphere here was so changed, so disturbed, that I could physically feel the difference- to the point where I had to go outside several times because I couldn't stand it. It's not like I haven't been around fighting kids before(with 4 of my own). I also noticed my 9 year old son, the only one of my kids home at the time, had a total change of attitude and demeanor. He became surly, mouthy, and flat out said no when told to do something. His face- normally bright and cheerful- had a dark scowl most of the time. This is NOT him at all! It was like a total stranger. Anyway, back to my nephew- he has been hospitalized in a psych ward several times, and has tried to start a fire in his dad's living room floor at 2 am (parents divorced when he was a toddler- mother has custody)I began to wonder if this kid was alone or had company in his body. I wondered if I asked him something to that effect what answer would come out? At the same time, I knew it wasn't my place to mess with it, so wondered silently if satan were present, would he reveal himself if commanded to do so (by the proper person)? At that moment, my nephew walked by and said- out of the blue, and not even looking at anyone- I will not serve! No one had asked him to do anything- this statement was totally independent of anything going on. It sent chills down my spine, and I started to silently pray. They left a few minutes later- and i went through the house with holy water and the St. Michael prayer! My son went back to his normal self once they had left. I told my husband I was not comfortable having them in our house again (it's his brother's kids). Now the kids live thousands of miles away so we don't have to contend with them, but i worry about them. They are being raised in amoral environments at both ends (mom and dad). What do you think of this? Satan can't read our thoughts, but I wonder if he was compelled by God to reveal himself in response to my unspoken questions? Was it all just a weird coincidence?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on June 12, 1999 Dear Miss Anna:
Of course I cannot make a diagnosis from a Q & A Forum, but it sounds like the nephew has some psychiatric issues that need to be dealt with.
As for any demonic elements, I cannot say, of course, just from this single narrative.
Generally, it is possible for people to bring dark forces with them when they visit your house, and it is possible for those dark forces to stick around. If your feel disturbed it certainly doesn’t hurt to use Holy Water and pray a few Spiritual Warfare prayers.
I would also recommend spiritual warfare prayers for your nephew and for all concerned. It is always possible that dark forces may be involved. Saying the prayers can’t hurt anything and might help. We have a collection of prayers in our Spiritual Warfare section. The direct URL for the Prayer Collection is:
God Bless
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