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Demonic confrontation follow-up question QUESTION from Michelle May 30, 1999 In your response to Philip regarding demonic confrontation (May 27/99), you made the statement, one of the greatest attacks we will receive from Satan is through music.
Is it possible that Satan can utilize Christian music for attack purposes? I have a CD from a Christian ministry based in Ontario, Canada. It is a live recording. At the end of one of the songs, the leader and the people gathered scream out, Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. For whatever reason, I find this very disturbing.
Any insight you could give me is appreciated.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on June 2, 1999 Dear Miss Michelle:
It is possible for Satan to work through any number of things, including Christian music. He might inspire a song writer to very quietly sneak in a lyric or two that is contrary to God, or Satan might use other elements of the music for his own purposes.
Satan can even use the Bible for his own purposes as we saw with Satan's temptation of Jesus.
So, anything can be possible.
As far as this particular group shouting out Jesus I imagine that was in love of Jesus, the name above all other names, the name by which every knee shall bow.
J E S U S, J E S U S, J E S U S....if any name should be shouted at the top of our lungs for all to hear, it is the name of Jesus.
I think this group was shouting the name of Jesus to pump up the crowd with the most beautiful name in the universe.
J E S U S, J E S U S, J E S U S, oh what a Name, what a Savior, what a God. The Blessed name of Jesus.
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