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Spiritual Warfare Forum: TIBETAN TULPA

by Catherine Frakas 12 Sep 2002

TIBETAN TULPA QUESTION from Joe Turner on February 18, 2003 Br., have you ever heard of a Tibetan Tulpa, or creature that can be willed into existence? Here is an example, please let me know if you would say this would be demonic:
When Alexandra David-Neel journeyed through Tibet, one of the many mystical techniques she studied was that of tulpa creation. A tulpa, according to traditional Tibetan doctrines, is an entity created by an act of imagination, rather like the fictional characters of a novelist, except that tulpas are not written down. David-Neel became so interested in the concept that she decided to try to create one.
The method involved was essentially intense concentration and visualization. David-Neel's tulpa began its existence as a plump, benign little monk, similar to Friar Tuck. It was at first entirely subjective, but gradually, with practice, she was able to visualize the tulpa out there, like an imaginary ghost flitting about the real world.
In time the vision grew in clarity and substance until it was indistinguishable from physical reality-a sort of self-induced hallucination. But the day came when the hallucination slipped from her conscious control. She discovered that the monk would appear from time to time when she had not willed it. Furthermore her friendly little figure was slimming down and taking on a distinctly sinister aspect.
Eventually her companions, who where unaware of the mental disciplines she was practicing, began to ask about the stranger who had turned up in their camp-a clear indication that a creature which was no more that solidified imagination had definite objective reality.
At this point, David-Neel decided things had gone too far and applied different lamaist techniques to reabsorb the creature into her own mind. The tulpa proved very unwillling to face destruction in this way so that the process took several weeks and left its creator exhausted.
Thank you for your time.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 11, 2003 Dear Mr. Turner:
Yes, I have heard of the Tulpa.
There are only two explanations to this phenomenon -- assuming it really exists.
1) Energy from the mind somehow exteriorizes the imagination. A science fiction movie deals specifically this phenomenon called, The Forbidden Plant. It is a 1950s film with Walter Pigeon exploring the deep recessing of the Freudian concept of hte ID that was popular in movies back then.
There have been cases of hauntings that are similar to this. Usually the haunted house has young teenage girls entering puberty. The thought is that the strong libidinal forces present at puberty somehow are so strong that the child can exteriorize her emotion or thoughts or imagination. While there is no scientific evidence for this that I am aware of, there are some clinical anecdotal evidence of this.
2) The more plausible explanation, expecially given the progression your describe, that this was a demonic manifestation. Opening oneself up like this is an inviation to the demonic.
Bro. Ignatius

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