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Re: Reiki QUESTION from tabitha September 21, 2001
It's not a question but a reply to the Reiki questions.
I have been a reiki master for over 13years, and I'm an ordained spirit filled minister that teaches & uses Reik every day.Reiki was started by a Christian Monk in 1946 in Japan, created by using God's healing powers, your are an instrument of God's healing that flows from the healer to the person (healee).
IT IS NOT DANGEROUS. I have witness many miracles with reiki, with cancer patients and others.
Thank you & God bless you all. Pastor Tabitha
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on September 23, 2001 Dear Miss Tabitha:
You are wrong and I am sorry that you are wrong. But since you are not Catholic, obviously, your views have no bearing upon Catholic theology and morality and this is, afterall, a CATHOLIC Q & A with answers coming from a CATHOLIC point-of-view.
However, with that said, Reiki is not only inconsistent with the Catholic worldview but also with the general Christian worldview of non-Catholic Christianity.
Within your statement you reveal the non-Christian concepts: you are an instructment of God's healing that flows from the healer to the person. This concept of energy flows within the body and passed on to others is a PARTICULAR and specific ideaology belonging specifically to Eastern Philosophic occulticsm and mysticism that is DECIDEDLY contrary to Christianity on its face and in its fundamental presumptions and worldview.
I am sorry that you have been hoodwinked by Satan on this.
I am also sorry, but especially since we are on a Catholic Site and a Catholic Q & A, I will not call you pastor. There is no such thing as a female ordained pastor in God's economy. That your denomination has given you a invalid ordination (most Protestant denominations do not ordain women) is indicative of your confusion and lack of discernment about such non-Christian activities as Reiki.
We will pray for you that your eyes may be opened to the truth.
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