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Spiritual Warfare Forum: Follow Up to Strange Happenings

by Catherine Frakas 08 Oct 2002

Follow Up to Strange Happenings QUESTION from Debbie on January 12, 2003 Hi Brother Ignatius,
I'm the same Debbie from May 2002 who wrote a letter entitled Strange Happenings. I thought I would do a follow up - some time has gone by since then. After praying a lot, my mother finally got a fair settlement from my very rich father and we are moving on. Glory to God! The house remains haunted, but we are leaving soon.
I realized after much speculation why the angels let the dragon get to me that night. I was advised by a charismatic Christian to pray for angels to surround my bed and keep me safe. I believe that angels have tasks of a certain nature, but I was wrong to expect that they would keep me safe for Satan - that was a job that should have been reserved for none other than my confirmation saint, Saint Michael. A person in need of medical care would seek a Doctor, not a lawyer. The lawyer might be competent to do his own job, but he is not a medical expert. Saint Michael is the conqueror of Satan, and I should not have tried to assign his specialty to somebody else. One night I was lying in bed and I had incredible pains, as if somebody was drawing pins into a voodoo replica of myself. I thought that I would die. I prayed every prayer I knew - the Our Father, the Hail Mary, and so on, and nothing worked. Eventually I said the prayer to Saint Michael, and the pains stopped immediately.
I have some advise concerning some other questions that you received - a reader wanted to know what you thought of Star Wars. I recently watched some Star Wars movies to decide for myself, and the Dark Side (Darth Vader) left me with a scared, uncomfortable feeling. Those movies might not be appropriate viewing for Christians.
About the candy wrappers that appeared to have occultic symbols on them - the answer there is yes. I saw the Pokemon cartoon on TV, and that is the boy who appears on the wrapper. Those cartoons have some undeniably occultic symbols in every scene.
Before I finish, I want to ask if you can shed any light on a strange dream that I have quite often. It is not horrifying, but borders on being a nightmare. I dream that I go to Mass and start smoking. I realize that I should not be smoking in church, but I do not stop. I expect the priest to complain, but he does not do so. Recently in my dream, the priest requested that all who were smoking should wait until after Mass to do so. The dream fills me with fear that I will be in trouble, and yet I do not stop what I am doing. Strange dream.
Peace, Debbie
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on January 20, 2003 Dear Debbie:
You did the right thing is praying for the protection of your guardian angel and the angels. It is the guardian angel's job and the job of other angels to protect you within the limits of your free will, and the will of God.
The reason you were this protection did not seem to work is NOT because you did not call upon St. Michael. God knows what you need even before you do. When you call to Him he answers. But you need to avoid the idea that you assign angels. Angels are assigned by God.
All else being even, if that night you felt like you weren't not protected it is only because God allowed to happen whatever happened (not because you did not call upon St. Michael). God has His reasons for allowing things to happen to us. And besides, you do not know if you were not protected. Maybe the demons wanted to beat you up but the angels prevented that!
When we call upon God we can be confident that GOd answers and that God protects us in a way that He wills, not in a way that we may want. He also may allow the enemy to bother us in many ways, as He did with Job, but this is only according to His will and permission. We can know that GOd is still there and is going to help us through.
Keep praying for the angels to protect you, pray to St. Michael too. God will protect you according to His wisdom and grace to whatever level is best for your soul.
As for your dream, dreams are usually the mind creatively constructing a movie (dream) to work out anxieties, fears, concerns, and the like. It is more important for you to decide what the details of the dream means than for me to try to interpret it. The recurring theme, however, seems to be you doing something you really shouldn't do knowing you shouldn't do it.
May God bless.

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