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by Catherine Frakas 10 Oct 2002

spiritual warfare QUESTION from fuzzy on January 6, 2003 Hello,
I have begun a course on spiritual warfare with a church outside of the Catholic faith. I am Catholic, but I needed some guidance and spiritual food. The course is designed to parallel with the Bible. I would like to know how my faith defines spiritual warfare so I am able to understand and conceptualize the scope we are studying.
Thank you,
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on January 8, 2003 Dear Mrs. Fuzzy:
It is not possible to properly evaluate the Protestant course you are taking without know who wrote the course and the presumptions of Spiritual Warfare from which they base their view.
In some instances the basic principles of Spiritual Warfare between Protestants and Catholics are the same, or at least very similar. But in other instances, some of the Protestant theories of Spiritual Warfare are inaccurate at best and outright wacky and even dangerous at worse.
The problem is that a course based on the Bible means that one must trust the teacher's handling of the Bible. There are some major differences in interpretation of the Bible between Protestants and Catholics.
There are serious differences about what to do about someone who is demonized. Protestants are not going to ask for the intercessions of the Saints, for example, and this is an important aspect in the fighting of Spiritual Warfare. Also, the Church has officially sanctioned prayers that even laymen can pray that offer the weight of the Church behind them and not just the grace given to an individual.
So in the aspect of dealing with demonized people, or dealing with spiritual warfare issues, there are many major differences.
In addition, even with Catholic writers, unless the person has clinical experience in the field of Deliverance and Spiritual Warfare they often posit theories that are just plain wrong.
For example, some Protestants groups, usually inexperienced in this ministry, believe that a Christian cannot be demonized. This is not true. A Christian can be demonized as both history and clinical evidence proves.
Another misnomer is that the only way for a person to be demonized is for that person to do something sinful to invite the devil in. This is also NOT true. One of the primary ways that people, even children, can be demonized is through what is called ancestral sins. One of the most famous exorcism cases, that took place in Iowa, involved a child who had been cursed and dedicated to Satan by her father. She, herself, was an innocent.
Bottomline, since I do not know the details of this course, I would not advise taking participating in it. There are too many potholes you can fall into.
If you or anyone is interested in an Introductory Course on Spiritual Warfare that includes information about what spiritual warfare is, signs and symptoms of occult involvment, and first aid techniques that one can apply in their own life or on behalf of loved ones that may be demonized, we offer such a course.
The name of our Course is Hope, Help, Victory: A Course in Spiritual Warfare.
I do sometimes accept invitations to conduct this course in people's towns, but this course will also be available this spring on the Internet.
Also, reading the Q & A's (linked below) is a great way to learn about this subject.
Also, in about a week we will be opening the St. Padre Pio Center for Deliverance Counseling which will include information online about how to help yourself when spiritual warfare issues come into your life.
I hope this helps you a little in making a decision about the direction you should go.

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