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Spiritual Warfare Forum: why don't the prayers work for me

by Catherine Frakas 10 Oct 2002

why don't the prayers work for me QUESTION from teresa August 8, 2001 I have been praying the spiritual warfare prayers everyday, but the Jezebel spirit affecting my parish seems to be getting worse. The women are manipulating the pastor and I know I will soon be asked to leave youth ministry. Fr. J used to be such a good friend to me and my family, but now he avoids me.
He came into a meeting I was in last night and gave me a Divine Mercy card he said he got for me in Warsaw on his way back from the Ukraine. I am on the comittee to plan the youth trip to World youth day next year in Toronto. I helped Fr J and several others coordinate the last years trip to rome for the whole diocese. Our commitee worked on ot for 3 years and We brought over 500 kids. It was the first time my son and i had ever been out of the country and a wonderful experience.
Today, I was told by our youth minister,( a good friend) that any ideas I have about the toronto trip must go thru the pastors secretary, and I am not to contact him directly. The youth minister said that the secretary is very jealous of me, and is out to get me.
Part of me wants to run away from the parish, but my kids love the youth group, and I promised God years ago i would pray daily for Fr. J. My carmelite friend said he has been in bondage to the Jezebel spirit for many years, but it hasn't gotten worse since he became pastor last year. He is letting these two women run the parish and choose his friends. He looks very unhappy, trapped and we no longer talk. Other people have complained to me that he changes his decisions from day to day, is more a puppet than a pastor and has been rude to people. i tell them that he is a strong, holy man and priest, but has only been a pastor for a year and is under pressures we don't understand.
I have been praying the warfare prayers everyday, but things are getting worse. My husband is a very good man, but not christian and watches bad TV shows. My 15, and 16 years olds listen to very bad music. My 14 year old son, and 12 year old daughter are very active in the youth group, staying close to christ so far. I am feeling very hopeless even, suicidal. I have been calling out to Jesus, praying the prayers. I keep trying to be a good wife and mother, Carmelite, friend, but i am failing, what is happening, why won't god help
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on August 13, 2001 Dear Mrs. Teresa:
God is helping, but you must persevere. Besides, dear, it as only been days since you started this. Prayers are not magick where you pray a prayer and beeta-boom, the prayer is granted to your heart's desire.
It is normal for things to take time, sometimes lots of time. Why? Because free will is involved. God cannot just change things instantly. He will not interfere with the free will of people involved. Also, He was delay in order to teach the people involved a lesson --- a, like patience and perseverence.
Also it is normal for things to get worse before they get better. This is a REAL WAR, dear. Do you think that when you shoot at the enemy the enemy will not shoot back?
Spiritual Warfare is called Warfare because it is just as real a War as World War II was a real war. Who wins a battle is who uses their weapons well and who perseveres to the end.
Jezebell is one of the more fierce spirits. It was so overwhelming that even St. Elijah wanted to give up. But you CANNOT GIVE UP. But also, do not try to do this alone.
Find some prayer partners who will pray with you on this issue. We certainly will pray for you and the situation.
Keep up the prayers no matter what. Persevere. God will grant you the grace to perservere is you let Him. But you must be ready for the long-haul. This battle is not likely to be resolved quickly.
Persevere, pray, Perservere.
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