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Spiritual Warfare Forum: child's card game

by Catherine Frakas 12 Oct 2002

child's card game QUESTION from Robin on January 6, 2003 Hello, and thank you for reading my question.
My son is 9 years old. For Christmas my mom gave him a set of yu gi oh cards. They are japanese playing cards. I heard him playing with them and what he said was I summon ... I can't remember the name. That caught my attention! I looked at the cards and found they have awful pictures on them, monsters and such. Some are even named feinds. My question is do you know about this game, and do you have an opinion on it? Is this harmless child's stuff of is it something more sinister? I would really appreciate your help. My instinct is to throw them out, but I do not want to over react.
ANSWER by Mr. Joe Meineke on January 7, 2003 Dear Robin,
Your instincts about this are correct, and I would advise you to follow through with getting rid of them. In fact, I would recommend burning them.
There is a subtle but real propaganda and indoctrination campaign for the occult that is taking place right under our noses, and our children are the innocent victims. Many say that people who oppose Harry Potter, Yu-Gi-Oh, and other seemingly innocent pass-times are nothing but conservative freaks that have nothing better to do than sit around and worry all day. Are we being alarmists and ultra-conservative, or do we see something that others are missing?
Let's step back for a moment, take a good look at the nature of propaganda and indoctrination in general, and then make a decision. Propaganda is the systematic propagation of a doctrine or cause or of information reflecting the views and interests of those advocating such a doctrine or cause. Indoctrination, on the other hand, can be defeined as to imbue with a partisan or ideological point of view. Do Yu-Gi-Oh cards do this? Yes, they do! Over time, these images and subtle messages are burned into the minds of our youth. Their worldview is shaped by the images and messages that they are receiving through these harmless pass-times.
This game is completely inappropriate and has absolutely no place in our children's hands. For example, we learn that Swamp Dweller is a minion of the dark forces. There are other monsters that are enhanced by the powers of darkness. Then we have a card whose character is named Bakura. A kind-hearted transfer student by day, this character is, we learn, possessed by an evil spirit and is controlled by the dark powers of the rare and mighty Millenium ring. As Yami Bakura, he consults the Ouija Board and summons dark monsters.
We need to ask outselves: are these kinds of images and messages we want our children growing up with? Do we want them to learn about summoning dark forces and demons? Do we want them casting imaginary spells? Do we want them to think that the Ouija board is ok? Do we want their young minds to contain the message that it is ok to do the things that scripture calls abominations?
I am sure that there are some readers who are still not convinced, so let's consider what it takes to raise children with a healthy, God-centered worldview. As parents who are trying to do just that, my wife and I purchase games and story books that promote biblical messages. We take them to church (even though they don't understand what is going on and can barely sit still in their seats) so that they form a worldview that includes weekly worship of God and respect for the Sabbath. We teach them lessons by examples. They see images depicting biblical events and persons. We purchase Noah's ark decorations for their rooms. If I, as a parent, know that God-centered propaganda and indoctrination is important to shape my children's young minds, why is it so hard for others to see that the opposite is also true; that bad images and messages also shape a child's worldview?
Here I am reminded of a sad but true story that I heard a while back about a Satanist couple who were raising their child in ways not of God. Their child's room, which normally parents furnish with teddy bears and other innocent and safe images, was decorated with a rather macabre scene: Blood red walls and clowns with demonic looking faces - evil, stretched eyes, sharp fanged teeth and demonic smiles. I am willing to hazard a guess: Yu-Gi-Oh cards would also be a parentally approved item for this unfortunate, young innocent soul. Please pray for that child and others like him.
God bless you,
Joe Meineke Assistant to Bro. Ignatius

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