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Spiritual Warfare Forum: kudos

by Catherine Frakas 12 Oct 2002

kudos QUESTION from D'archangel August 8, 2001 I'm wondering how long you(or your site) has been here? even though i'm on the other side(per extreme christians)i am rather glad there is a site i can feel good about referring others to. Yes, I am Wiccan.Yes, I do believe in Guardians and ..slayers. I also KNOW,beyond a shadow of ANY doubt,that there IS a true GOD,waiting 4 us 2 see the Light,and be the Light.
any info re your site you can offer would b appreciated
thnx !
( Is the name I was born with)
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on August 13, 2001 Dear D'archangel:
LOL, How can I possibly resist publishing a positive note from a witch whose real name is D'archangel?
This website has been running in one form or another since April 1997. We are about to launch version 7 of the website shortly that will include a slightly different home page design. You might have already noticed the new design for the Spiritual Warfare section of the site which uses a Camelot and Knights of the Roundtable motiff.
We are among the largest websites on the Net for Catholics and are certainly number one in diversity of offerings on our site with many different and varied services, benefits, and resources. I think in terms of ranking best websites for Catholics, we are surely in the Top 10, maybe the Top 5.
The only thing holding us back from being the number one is the volunteers to help run the site.
There is a brief history of the development of the Legion of St. Michael, which began in 1993, and also this website which began in 1997:
Now with that out of the way, I must do my job of apologetics and correct a comment you made. Hopefully you will still give us kudos after this :-)
You made a comment i'm on the other side(per extreme christians) i am rather glad there is a site i can feel good about referring others to. I am glad that you feel like you can refer people here and you should refer people here IF they want to hear and learn what the Catholic Church has to say about things.
But this site and myself ARE one of those extreme Christians! The Bible clearly teaches that witchcraft is an abomination before God. That is not a contrived opinion, that is what God says in his Bible. As a Christian I must believe and follow what God says and instructs. Thus I cannot condone witchcraft and I shall desire what God desires that all witches come to know the True God and come to a knowledge of the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ and thus cast off their false philosophies and join us in the TRUTH. (I don't mince words, as you can see).
Some so-called Christians might disagree with me which brings up the topic of Christians who don't believe as Christians. Any Christian who thinks they are a witch, or those who have no problem with witchcraft or other things like mediums, and the like, are not true Christians.
If one is going to join the club, then follow club rules. If one doesn't like the club rules, then have the intergrity to leave and find a club that has rules one likes. If we are going to be Christian, then we must follow Christian rules and beliefs. Likewise, if one is to be Wiccan then follow the rules of Wiccan, if Hindu, then follow the rules of Hindu, etc.
I have NO respect for a person claiming to be Christian yet believes contrary to Christian teaching. Such people are cowards and boils on the behind of Christianity. Sometimes they become cancers. St. Paul says that we are to shun such people because they are sinful and perverted and self-condemned (Titus 3:11)
But I have GREAT respect for those have the integrity to be what they are, whatever they are. I have GREAT respect, although in sorrow, for a Catholic who concludes that he or she just cannot believe what the Catholic Church teaches and thus leaves to become a Baptist, Hindu, Wiccan, or whatever suits their conscience and beliefs. That is a person of courage and integrity in as far as they do not pretend to be Catholic. There is no greater coward and sick cancer than a person continuing to call themselves Catholic when they have no intentions of obeying Catholic Teaching or believing in it.
I had a good friend in Iowa City, Iowa who was Wiccan. She was a lovely person, a good person. I talked with her about Christ and how she ought to accept the True Light that is Christ. She listened with respect, I gave her the Christian spiel with respect. When we finished she said that she was convinved that Jesus is who he said he was. But, Jesus was not for her. I was greatly saddened that she would be convinced of who Jesus was yet reject Christ anyway, and that decision risks her soul to eternity without God, but I had respect for her to make a decision in full knowledge. I still pray for her to change her mind.
Jesus Himself said, I'd rather you be hot or cold, as lukewarm I spit you out of my mouth.
My friend decided to be cold on Jesus, and hot for wiccan. Even Jesus has respect for that. What is disgusting are those who are lukewarm, strattle the fence, and are wishy washy and pretentious. Be Catholic if one is Catholic. Be Wiccan if one is Wiccan (but I invite you to the Catholic Way :-)
On this website we are Catholic and we be Catholic. Sometimes that requires tough love and tough polemics.
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