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On asking names of Demons or for wanting Demon Names QUESTION from Elizabeth on November 11, 2002 Dear Bros. I am an active, devout Catholic Christian woman and for some reason was *divinely guided* to your web site. On reading through some of the questions from some of the people writing I thought I would be welcome to offer my own Discernment gift to these asking to know how to get demons and spirits to tell them their names.
Just for the Record, DEMONS AND UNHOLY SPIRITS will definitely NOT tell you their names. So it is unwise to even ask how to obtain them! Demons know that GODLY inspired individuals doing the Deliverance work of Jesus Christ, will ultimately hold POWER over them to BANISH THEM to where Jesus would send them! IF the person knows their names. So that is WHY DEMONS will NEVER voluntarily tell ANYONE their TRUE NAME.
Therefore it is folly, and UNGODLY, to try to trip up a spirit or demon to tell you it's name. IT does NOT want you to have power over it- so it is useless to try to obtain this information.
Thank you bros. for allowing me to pass on this knowledge for the unwise, and uninformed. GOD BLESS you for your hard work and efforts to Keep God's and the staying work of Jesus here in cyber space, as well as in the real world also. -
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on November 15, 2002 Dear Miss Elizabeth:
Thank you for your comments, but I cannot completely agree.
It is possible to force demons to reveal their names and this is done in Solemn exorcisms; and we can have a power over the demons whether we know their name or not by virtue of the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.
It is true that demons will lie and try at all costs from revealing their name because knowing that is indeed a powerful weapon against them, but it is possible to force them to tell the truth.
The Church has ruled, however, that trying to ascertain a demon's name is too dangerous unless it is done in solemn exorcism by a priest under permission of a bishop.
In any regard, knowing the demon's name is not needed anyway in deliverance work. We can identify the demons by attribute, such as demon of anger, demon of adultery, etc. That is sufficient power of them for those situations not requiring a Solemn Exorcism. In other words, there is no reason, outside of a Solemn Exorcism to know the demon's name to effectively and successfully deliver a poor soul from the demonic grips.
God Bless

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