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What Comes From Seances QUESTION from Charles May 30, 2001 Thank you Br. Ignatius.
I have an observation regarding whether any presences conjured during seances can possibly be a good spirit or a relative.
If I understand correctly, Heaven and Purgatory's inhabitants can no longer sin. Taking part in a seance is a sin against God if done knowingly, therefore, if a being is conjured up it cannot be good, because the act of responding to the conjure would be sinful. If one were to attend such a thing, one would have to conclude that the being, whatever it truly was, was neither from Heaven or Purgatory. If one were to see one's aunt, I say that it either means it is not one's aunt or it means that aunt is in Hell. Correct? In any case, one not only sins by being there, but what one had hoped to gain, in seeing one's loved one, is even undesireable, for who would want to see or hear from something evil/condemned?
If I understand correctly, it's entirely possible that an angel could show up at a seance, but the appearance would have to be not intregal to the ceremony so that it's not the being that is conjured. This would be the same sort of thing if you walked accidently into a seance, or if you came to the seance just to open the door, rescue your friend from danger and leave.
I welcome your comments.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 10, 2001 Dear Charles:
You are correct. Spirits conjured at seances are demons, they are not the loved ones of the participants.
Angels are at every seance since the guardian angels of each of the participants are there. As for an angel appearing visually, that will not happen by accident. If an angel were to appear visually the angel would be on a mission of God, probably to chastise the people having the seance and there would be ZERO doubt that this was an angel of God sent by God and not conjured. Thus we cannot try to rationalize an interpretation that the spirit we saw was an angel. If it was an angel everyone will KNOW IT. But the chances of this happening are about Zero -- although God has His own plans and purposes.
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