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sex attacks invisible spirits QUESTION from captain2 on November 6, 2002 Please help me my wife lied to me about my dead son. visiting me and caused me through here lies to be attacked by spirits who have no form but can be felt in a number of ways sexually and body sensations i love god and i also loved my son my wife lied about his prsense and brought these angels spirits or whatever i can get them to leave only for a few days and they attack me when i sleep and when im awake i prayed to the holy spirit to take it away ,i went to my church and they prayed and a word came in church that i was gods friend and he wrote my name in the book of life and he had a plan for my life . i cant fight this anymoer please help me. they stand over my spirit and i can feel a electrical force and heat like the sun feels please help me.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on November 15, 2002 Dear Captain:
I am sorry you are experiencing these things. I know that such experiences are scary and troublesome.
You need to be sure to stay close to your Church, that is, attend Church regularly, get involved in bible studies and prayer groups. In addition, ask people to pray for you. You do not have to say why, just ask for prayers.
You will need to forgive your wife for whatever she has done to hurt you. If you don't forgive her it gives the demons reason to bother you. Forgiving does NOT mean forgetting, it means to let go and let God. Let go of the hurt and get on with your life.
In addition, we have a number of prayers in our Spiritual Warfare Catalog, linked below, that may help you.
If the practicing the Christian life in a devoted way, being involved in Christian activities, having people pray for you, and praying yourself spiritual warfare prayers all do not seem to work, then you may need to speak with a Deliverance Counselor.
We will be praying for you.

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