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The Coming Days QUESTION from Tony May 15, 2001 I have recently stumbled across your website and am interested in all you have written on your site. I really don't have a question but just passing along information that you already may be aware of. There is a very real war going on all around us. Not a war in a figurative sense but a literal sense. There is a feeling of desperation from the side of darkness. We are near a spiritual crossroad and now is the time that we all must make our decision as to who we will follow. I sincerely hope that everybody opens their hearts to Our Father and follows the path of His Light. Much knowledge has been made known to me in this regard and you can take this any way you like. Just know that the end of what we now know is coming very soon. Our fallen brother, Satan, is going to be leaving his empty, dark throne soon and will be assaulting us with all his considerable power. Trust in Our Father and live for Him. There is no religion on this planet that can save our souls. Look in your own heart and you will find that God is already there. He is just waiting for you to find Him. Brothers and Sisters, please take this seriously and seek the truth that is God. Only He can help you in the coming days. May you all be blessed and I hope to see you all again when we are joined with Our Father at Home.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 10, 2001 Dear Mr. Tony:
Satan has already been assaulting us with his considerable power.
We need to be very careful with ideas that we think we have been given some special message or have some special knowledge. This is the devils trap.
The Church, and the Church alone has the power and the authority and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to interpret the times. We are not at the end of the world. We are, perhaps at a crossroads. There have been crossroads in the past and there will be more in the future, but we are not at the end of the world.
Yes, each one of us must ACT as if today is the end of the world, because today might indeed be the end of the world. I could be run over by a bus today. Therefore I better be ready.
Yes, there is a real war going on. Christ was won the war, but battles rage on for the souls of men. We must be prepared to fight the good fight for we are the soldiers of Christ.
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