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Labyrinth Prayer QUESTION from McDolph on October 31, 2002 After Mass on Sunday a flyer advertising a spiritual exercise method referred to as Labyrinth Prayer. The Pastor had invited a lady to speak to the congregation about the program.
On the surface it does not appear to be in conflict with Catholic doctrine, but I understand that the founder of the modern movement is an Episcopal Priest and psychotherapist, Lauren Artress of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. Its advocates portray labyrinth walking as a rediscovery of a lost form of Christian spirituality.
I'm told that The labyrinth has its origins in ancient pagan rituals, fertility rites and goddess worship. Is the labyrinth inherently New Age or can Catholics embrace it as an acceptable tool for prayer and meditation?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on November 5, 2002 Dear Mr. McDolph:
The Labyrinth form of prayer is an ancient form of Christian prayer, but like many things ancient, it has been co-opted into New Age garbage.
Many of the Catholics teaching this are not teaching it from a Catholic point-of-view, but are infecting the practice with New Ageism.
I have answered this question before, so for more information see: Click Here
God bless.

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