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Hauntings QUESTION from Cameron Stewart May 2, 2001 My grandmother died about two years ago and ever since in my mother's bedroom there have been appearances of handprints on her ceiling. My mother is very spiritual and believes fondly in god, as did my grandmother, as do the rest of my family. The problem is I do not. I am an atheist who has tended towards the darker side of life since I was a young child. I researched from a young age about the supernatural and I used to believe in god a long time ago. However I do not feel his existence is possible now. I listen to death metal and though I do not care to listen to the lyrics they have strong Me-Gal-Gal or Satanic leanings. What I am asking is is it possible that a demon is trying to manifest itself to my family through me, or is this likely to be a benevolent spirit, i.e my Grandmother?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 10, 2001 Dear Mr. Stewart:
Well, first, if you don't listen to the lyrics of this trash music, then you are in great danger. To not put the lyrics through the filter of the reason of your critical faculties is to allow the message of those lyrics to penetrate your soul unimpaired. This is one of the best forms of brainwashing.
STOP, LOOK, and LISTEN to that music. What is is saying? What is the message?
Even from a non-religious point-of-view, death metal is dangerous and unhealthy.
Now with that said....
Since you are dablling in things that you really don't understand the danger that comes from it, yes, it is possible for demonic activity to enter your family. You are playing with fire and not only you can be burnt, but your family can be too.
By the way, you are not an atheist. An atheist would not dabble in spiritual things (light side or dark side) and would not believe in demons and would not have posted a question like this on this forum.
You are trying to reach out to God but have lost your way. God loves you and is reaching out to you. Take His hand. You will never regret it.
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