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Catholic prayers QUESTION from Sonya on October 26, 2002 I am non catholic(baptist), but I do read catholic prayers. I took notice of catholic prayers, from making donations to humble catholic organizations and because I love their work and charitable efforts to help the world. In a return of thanks, they always include little pamphlets with prayers and novenas to read. Due to hardship and personal spiritual matters, I believed in my heart that all prayers are helpful. What I want to know is, with my being protestant is this practice of reading catholic prayers alright? What I ask for is spirtual guidance, blessings, and other urgent needs. Are the prayers and novenas only for the catholic faith? Sometimes I feel like Satan's forces are loose in my life, and I've never delved into anything involving the issues and subjects you help with on this site. If I watch a scary movie or read scary a novel,I usually leave the light on in my bedroom a couple nights for comfort. I believe that priests and nuns are some of most powerful spiritual forces on the face of the earth, so the prayers they believe in can't be wrong. I am going through a lot of hard times, but I am taking inventory on my whole life. I have prayed and asked God to come into my life. I read the bible and study the scriptures. I take a little bible study course and it helps a little.
The prayers I have read are:
Holy Spirit prayer and novenas
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 29, 2002 Dear Sonya:
First I want to thank God for your openness and generosity toward Catholic Charities and for Catholic Prayers.
I use to be Baptist myself. I was an ordained preacher for 15 years before I converted to the Catholic Church in 1992.
All sincere prayers are efficacious. Although the prayers you mentioned are written by Catholics they are for anyone to use.
May you be blessed abundantly in your prayers spontaneously offered or borrowed from others whether Catholic or Protestant.

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