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earthmother/goddess QUESTION from j.estrada on October 10, 2002 I feel my sister is getting involed in witchcraft,tonight I recived a call from her that she has been having visions of snakes and fire. She works as an in care nurse for people that family don't want to put in a rest home. The lady she is working for says she is Motherearth.Can this be an type of ocult? She has been baptize christian,and she feels she is being brainwashed by these women all I can do is pray for her to turn back to gad as her lord and savior,and also ask for our mother MARY that is mother of heaven and earth.What else can be dne to protect her from these people. may god continue to bless you all and this web site.J.ESTRADA
ANSWER by Mr. Joe Meineke on October 11, 2002 Dear Mrs. Estrada,
Thank you for your question. Please know that we will be in prayer for you and for your sister.
Based on what you have said, it does sound as though it is possible that the people who your sister is working for may be involved in some type of Paganism and/or occult practices.
I gather from your question that both you and your sister have concerns, and rightly so, but I am unsure as to whether or not at this point she is still living the Christian life. You have expressed some doubts, but at the same time it appears that your sister has said things that appear to show that she is aware, at least to some degree, of the danger she is in. So, I am a little unclear about where she is in all of this.
If the people she is working for are into non-Christian things and trying to exert pressure on her, which is sounds like is the case, then she should make every effort to get out of it. I would suggest talking to her about trying to find a different client to work for. If this is not possible for her to do, then she should pray hedge prayers daily for her own protection. This is something that you can and should do for her as well. You will find hedge prayers and possibly other prayers that will help in this situation in the Spiritual Warfare Prayers Catalogue (see link below).
God bless you,
Joe Meineke Assistant to Bro. Ignatius

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