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Demon name QUESTION from renee lundy March 12, 2001 The Lord revealed to me that a certain individual whom I have known for 19 years was a predator in the spirit. This person has done some awful things to people and he is not religious or spiritual in anyway. I was hoping you could help me identify this demonic spirit. Everyone that comes in contact with this person ends a victim of some kind. Also, is it possible for demons to put on flesh and walk amongst man? I once read a book where the author said Jesus took her to Hell and she saw Satan sending demons to the earth and they looked like humans and they lived and worked among mankind.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on May 14, 2001 Dear Mr. Lundy:
It is not generally important to know the demon's name. Rather refer to the demon by his attribute. If the issue is one of low self-esteem, then we can refer to the demon of low-self-esteem; if the issue is victimization, then refer to the demon of victimization; or the demon of hate, of fear, of haughtiness, etc.
Demons are not going to be walking around in the flesh. There have been some instances in which an angel appears like a man and the Bible warns us to be careful how we treat strangers as we may be entertaining an angel unawares. Thus it seems possible that demons, too, might appear to us in the appearances of a human. This is rare, however.
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