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Spiritual Warfare Forum: Angel, demon or ghost?

by Catherine Frakas 10 Jan 2001

Angel, demon or ghost? QUESTION from Ellischia on August 18, 2002 I am at the end of my whits, first of all I think you for being here. Thank God for putting you in my path. I am 22 years old, a devout christian, and a mother of a miracle child who is now three. I'll try to explain the current situation first and then give you a little back ground.
A little over a week ago my daughter started telling me about her friend Jessie, a girl she knew much about. In the beginning I took it as her imagination running wild making up an imaginary friend. As time progressed though the details became unignorable. I learned much more than I ever wished.
This is what my daughter has told me: Jessie is an indian girl, she wears a dress made of leaves, rides a horse, had black hair, dark skin and yellow eyes. This fact here frightened me, but didn't bother my daugher, who is quite adamant in telling me that Jessie is not pretend, not an angel, and not a ghost.
Other than these details there's basically a whole life story to Jessie, and her famly. When I asked if I'd ever met Jessie my daughter told me No. Here's the scary part. She told me that Jessie only comes to our house when I am asleep. She says that Jessie wakes her up and talks to her, takes her places and gives her presents.
In all honesty I'm telling you I am terrified! I now leave the lights on when we sleep, pray as much as I can outloud, and sometimes I can't fall asleep until the sun is up! I believe my daughter cause she never pretends anything! She is a very technical, honest child. She is very special I know.
Here is her background: My daughter was born almost 3 months early. I was not a christian then, but through the months following her birth I witnessed many supernatural events (miracles) that I could not deny. I believe my daughter is chosen by God for a great purpose. I have given her back to Him, as he saved my life by sending her into it. She is saved at 3, has prayed the prayer aloud, and wishes to be baptised again. I don't understand how evil could get to her, but I fear it is trying.
You see, as a teenager I got into the occult and had many experiences with demonic forces. I know they are real and active. I know what they can do. And I am fearful. Being a strong christian woman now I know I am protected, but I also know that those same demons that I used to cohort with are VERY angry that they can not use me anymore. OH I am beside myself. No one can tell me what or who this Jessie is and I fear it is a demon. I feel very threatened in my own home. I feel presences..things watching me. And I know I am not demonophobic cause this just started about a month ago, and is now getting worse. The other night I felt someone's presense walk into the room behind me, when I turned there was no one there, my daughter was still in her bed. (we're the only two living at this residence)
I trust the Lord to watch out for us, but I also feel that I have to get to the bottom of this Jessie character one way or another. Can you PLEASE help?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on August 30, 2002 Dear Ellischia:
I am sorry you are having these experiences.
From what you are telling me it is possible that demons have been given permission to come into your family because of your own involvement in the occult.
There are several steps you can take to help yourself. Most of the prayers mentioned can be found in the Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog linked at the bottom of the page:
Step One: Cease any and all involvements you may have with the New Age and the occult (including the casual reading of the horoscope in the newspaper or a palm-reading at a carnival)
Step Two: Pray the prayer of Renouncing Ancestral Sins. When your daughter is old enough to do it, she should also pray the prayer to renounce ancestral sins.
Step Three: Pray prayers of renouncement of any and all involvements in the New Age or the occult whether current or past.
Step Four: remove from your house and burn or destroy ANY books or paraphrenalia of the occult. No matter what those items cost, they can have demons attached to them. Destroy any ouija boards, tarot cards, books, etc. that you may have on occultic topics.
Step Five: severe any and all friendships and relationships with people who are involved in the New Age or the occult.
Step Six: Pray prayers to renounce any and all other sins you have committed (if Catholic, do a General Confession). Perhaps perform the Renunciation Ritual found in the Catalog.
Step Seven: Pray prayer to take back the Ground that Satan has taken in your life through involvments in the New Age, occult, or other sins.
Step Eight: Pray prayers of Protection for yourself and your household; epecially Hedge prayers.
Step Nine: Pray prayers of rebuking of any and all demonic influences in your life, your daughter's life, and in your household
Step Ten: Live the victorious Christ-life of faith and devotion as best your can.
Step Eleven: Prayer Bedtime Prayers of Protection and teach your daughter to do the same. You may need to NOT tell her that these prayers may make her friend go away. If she knows that she may not offer the prayers.
Step Twelve: Get a copy of the CD Sleep Sound in Jesus. This is an truly anointed CD. From my experience if you play that CD very softly and set you CD to repeat all night long, any demons will be reluctant to come into your daughter's room.
You can order this CD at: Sleep Sound in Jesus
We will be in prayer for you and your daughter.

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