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Star Wars QUESTION from Harvey Dent on May 2, 2002 Just wondering what your opinion on the Star Wars series of movies are. Me, personally as a Catholic its just a case of everything in moderation-so long as you don't obsess over 'The Force' or see it as a credible alternative to God, I see no problem with watching entertaining escapism
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on May 19, 2002 Dear Mr. Dent:
I find the Star Wars movies to be juvenile and silly. I would prefer Star Trek which is more cerebral. Star Wars is just shoot-em up cowboys and Indians in space.
The Force however is a dangerous concept. It is NOT a credible alternative to God -- there is not alternative to God. The theology of the force comes from pantheism.
I think the movies may be watched and enjoyed, but I do think that we need to remember that the Force is a false concept. Our children need to be taught this as well. If the child is not old enough to understand that the force is a false concept counter to God, then he should not be allowed to view the movie.

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