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Sleep Paralasys QUESTION from Jonathan Malins on April 29, 2002 I apologise this isn't a question but what I beleive to be a solution to people having dificulty when they sleep.
While doing some research sleep phenomenon I came across a psychological study on sleep paralesys. It turns out that this is quite a common occurence with many people I myself have had some strange experiences while asleep. Sleep Paralesys could explain a lot of peoples beliefs that they are being oppressed by demons, ghosts and aliens. This is the adress of the site as I think this could be quite valuable to people experiencing/explaining this phenomenon.
Nocturnal Assault Research Center
Thanks for your valuable input.
Jonathan Malins
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on May 19, 2002 Dear Mr. Malins:
Thanks for the reference.
I looked at the site and it does contain some valuable information. But it offers no reall explanation of the phenomenon that we talk about here -- cataleptic sonambolism or hypnagogic sleep paralysis with hallucinations
The very title of the HSP phenomena suggest a bias toward hallucinations. While some experiences may indeed be hallucinatory, others are demonic.
The information given on this site really leaves the question open. They basic affirm: we don't know what is going on.
A do caution people who might go to this site. The site has links to places that we should not go such as the White Crow Society and other ghost busting places that I would not recommend.

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