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First Holy Communion and Episcopal Baptism QUESTION from Towne on February 12, 2003 My daughter was Baptised in an Episcopal Church. I am Catholic and she attends CCD classes. This year she is eligable to make her First Holy Communion, but some questions have come up... whether or not she can accept the sacrament since she was not baptised in a Catholic Church. I don't want her to get her hopes up and then in the final hour have this not be able to happen for her. Others have said it only dpepnds on whether or not she was baptised and doesn't matter where. What is the correct answer.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on February 16, 2003 Dear Mrs. Towne:
What matters is if she was validly baptized. The Episcopal Church has a valid baptism so there is no problem there.
But, she still cannot take the Eucharist until she is FORMALLY received into full communion with the Catholic Church. This is normally done by the Sacrament of Confirmation.
You did not say how old your daughter is. That may make a difference on what procedures are required for her to truly be considered Catholic.
The best bet is to ask your parish priest (I assume he is orthodox and will give a correct answer) or call the diocese offices to ask about what is needed, if anything, before your daughter received the Eucharist.
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