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annoyance QUESTION from Colleen on April 13, 2002 Hello Br. Ignatius,
One day I was feeling very very sleepy, almost sedated at about 4 in the afternoon. I thought I would lie down and take a short nap. I must have been in that phase of sleep when I was somewhat aware but could not move. I felt this coldness in the room but not on me. I will admit I WAS scared. I knew I was on the bed and turned towards my left. I heard (in my thoughts anyway) the words you know who I am I was REALLY scared. I was telling myself not to be afraid Jesus was with me and HE would not let anything hurt me. I thought don't be afraid...turn and look at it...it cannot hurt me. I was almost crying (in my thoughts) for I was not totally awake...JESUS, where are you?
IMMEDIATELY I saw a white cross before me that that was also in the shape of a sword surrounded by light. I am not kidding...I was FEELED with JOY and was singing like a kid over and over: Jesus is victorious, Jesus is victorious. Anyway 'it' was gone the moment I saw the cross.
Also, at other times since there have been multiple times when at night and in that almost sleep but somewhat aware state I have felt the presence of something with me. It has felt heavy. It seemed to be on or very close, sometimes even very painful. It is always very freightening to me at the time. When it occurs I feel like I can't move and it is lying on top of me. I do call on Jesus. It seems to go as quickly as it comes.
When I had the first experience I was truly afraid to tell anyone of it. I really thought at the time the evil spirit would only bother a really bad christian in this way. I did not want others to think I was possessed. I have matured since that event and realize that is not longer the case. I do occasionally have that feeling of something being on top of me. Not sure if I should just dismiss it as a part of a dream or something. I do love the Lord and talk with Him all the time so I am not afraid...just bothered. It is still freightening when it happens though. Any thoughts?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 20, 2002 Dear Mrs. Colleen:
This is actually a rather common experience. Sometimes these experiences are a natural phenomenon called cataleptic somnambulism.
But this can also be an experience of evil presence. Whe it happens, call on the name of the Lord, even if only in the mind, and it should stop.
If this is happening frequently, you may want to pray a prayer of bedtime protection (found in our Catalog).
If that does not resolve the problem, something else may or may not be the reason for the continued attacks.

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