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When to say the Profession of Faith? QUESTION from Sharon Hughes October 22, 2001
The priest where I sometimes attend Mass seems generally quite devout and preaches accurately the Church's teachings. (imagine that!) He does one thing that seems odd to me though: he has the congregation say the profession of faith right after the gospel, after which everyone sits down for the homily. Is this Ok? The other concern I have about this particular Mass is that it takes place at 11:15pm (every night of the week, including Sunday). I should note that this Mass is on a University Campus, and is extraordinarily well attended. (This University has several Masses on Sunday evenings, the 11:15 being the last, but has no Masses at all on Sunday mornings). Is it OK to celebrate Sunday Mass that late at night? Thank you and God bless!
ANSWER by Mr. Jacob Slavek on October 16, 2001
Dear Miss Hughes,
No, it is not okay to move the profession of faith as you have described. The order of Mass as described in the missal is not suggestions, but LAW and a priest and others involved are obligated to follow it.
This one makes no sense to me... how does the priest think he is improving the Mass by moving the profession of faith? It doesn't seem to make a difference to me. All I can think of is maybe he is trying illicitly to minimize the posture changes. When are the general intercessions, and what posture is used?
Although it seems odd to celebrate Mass at 11:15 PM, it is permitted.

The celebration and distribution of the Eucharist can be done at any day and hour except those which the liturgical norms exclude.(Canon 931) Mr. Slavek
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