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I need direction for Demonology and Learning all I can.. QUESTION from Cesar Regalado on April 8, 2002 Ok, I am asking this question for my personal being. I am very interested in Demonology, not just for pleasure or anything like that. I am wanting to find out all I can in order to be 'ready' as you will.
I want to know how to identify Demons, Fairies, and etc.. So that I may be ready to deal with them if ever comes a time that I am challenged. This is something to which I have put alot of thought into. I need to have some type of help in my local area if possible, or web sites that I may be able to learn from. Being Catholic, Christian, or anything. I know that the Catholic Church does not want just anyone to research as you will this matter. However, I always have dreams of combat against these beings, and thus I really want to know more about them. I am now 26, and really want to know all I can. Please, PLEASE help me.
Cesar Regalado
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 20, 2002 Dear Mr. Regalado:
I appreciate your enthusiasm is wanting to learn about demonology to be ready if attacked.
you do not need to know everything there is to know to reach your goal.
Everyone should be knowledgable enough about this subject so that they can defend themselves. But the nitty-gritty details are not something everyone needs to know.
I teach a workshop called, Hope, Help, Victory: A Spiritual Warfare Workshop that is designed to teach the average person how to do first aid sort-to-speak in spiritual warfare.
This workshop tells you want you need to know and leaves out the things you don't need to know.
I do sometimes travel to conduct this workshop and I am also considering offering this workshop on the Web.
I can recommend a few books. The link is at the top of the Page of this SW Q & A index page.
But I must make a warning. DO NOT become too interested in this subject. Curiosity kills the cat.

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