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Kabala QUESTION from Deacon Dick on December 26, 2001 Dear Friends, Do you have any current information about Kabala? My understanding was that it is a sort of Jewish occult belief system, in which one could unlock the secrets of the Bible, and even learn about the future. the reason I bring this up is that Spiritual Directors International is advertising an upcoming conference in which several New Age techniques will be featured in available workshops. Kabala is one of them. Peace be with you, Deacon Dick
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on March 27, 2002 Dear Deacon:
Yes, the Kabala is a book of Jewish occultism and as with all occult materials should be avoided.
I am very dismayed that a Spiritual Directors conference would include such stuff, but not surprised.
Satan is clever. He knows that the best way to ruin the faith of the people and lead them away from the true faith is to contaminate all areas that teach and counsel.
Thus Satan has targeted CCD programs, DREs, seminaries, Catholic secondary schools, counseling programs and services, and ESPECIALLY retreat centers and spiritual direction.
In response to this, we are thinking of starting a National Spiritual Direction Association that will be a place of resources and information to provice Spiritual Direction from a CATHOLIC point-of-view (that is, loyal and orthodox Catholic view).

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