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Swordsmanship QUESTION from Gregory Thompson on November 9, 2001 Greetings good Brother.
I was wondering if it would be wrong, or insulting to our Lord, to learn the ways of the european fencing fighting? Is the sword considered a heresy to our faith?
The reason I ask this is beacuse I am considering to attend a fencing class and learn about the sword. When I go to europe, to attend philosophy and theology classes in a siminary university in Italy, I would then attend their older schools of swordsmanship. (I'm also going to learn ALOT of stuff on spiritual warfare, demonology, and exorcism in the old country... To fight is a hard thing to do so I am going to beefup all of my spiritual knowledge, fortitude, and all I can do to show my devotion to Christ!)
The Knights of Columbus use rapiers and soon I am going to be Knighted, so would it be right to learn about sword skills?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on February 10, 2002 Dear Mr. Thompson:
There is nothing wrong with the sport of fencing. It is good exercise, sharpens the reflexes, and keeps you on your toes -- all things that are good in dealing with spiritual warfare.
As for learning a lot on spiritual warfare, please be sure this is what God wants you to do. This is not for everyone. Also be sure that your check your information against the legislation of the Church -- such as the prohibition of using imprecatory commands.
We will be in prayer for you.

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