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Evangelism seeking conversion of Muslems to Christianity QUESTION from Geoff on November 9, 2002 How can we Christians best evangelize Christianity to Moslems. Moslems put the lie that Christ is the second prophet and that Mohammad is the third and latest prophet. Yet, Jesus said in Mathew 24: What out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, 'I am the Christ,' and will deceive many.
As Moslems believe that Jesus was a prophet then this would read to them: What out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name, claiming, 'I am the Prophet,' and will deceive many.
Why do we not point out to Moslems that if they accept Jesus as a prophet then they must accept what he has said as true and so they cannot accept the teachings of Mohammad?
ANSWER by Mr. Troy Martz on November 21, 2002 Dear Geoff:
Though I am not an expert on Islam or the teachings of Mohammad, given the events of the past year or so I have been learning more.
In Islam, Jesus is seen as a prophet and the Koran states clearly that the Gospels are indeed inspired by God and should be believed. The problem is that the Koran misinterprets the Gospels and misrepresents to Moslems what the Gospels say. Islam teaches that Christians have distorted the Gospels to make the claim (blasphemous in their eyes) that Jesus is the Son of God. This is similar to the Great Apostasy -- total loss of the truth of Christianity by the Church held by Mormons. Of course, the consistent record of the Scriptures and their interpretation by the Early Church Fathers shows that the teachings of Christianity were ALWAYS the same back to the time of Christ.
A resource I recommend for those interested in starting to learn how to defend the faith against Islam is Islam Exposed by Tim Staples and available from Saint Joseph's Communications. Tim is a powerful speaker who doesn't pull his punches and has clearly done his homework on the subject. He quotes considerably from the Koran and uses it to show Moslems that Mohammad cannot be the prophet that he claimed to be.
We have an obligation to learn our faith and share the Gospel with others. That obligation does not end just because a few lunatics use another's religion to hide behind for their cowardly acts.
Let us bring them the peace of Christ.
Pax Christi, Troy
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