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warfare prayers QUESTION from Teresa July 30, 2001 Dear Br. John Paul
Sorry to keep bothering you with so many questions.
I have prayed the spiritual warfare prayers about the situation I had written about, but was praying them once sufficent or should i pray them everyday? I pray the office, rosary everyday and also say the St. michael prayer often during the day, i also began asking for the intercession of St. Elijah who fought the Jezebel in the bible. My friend gave me a book called The three battlegrounds which and it has a few chapters thaty deal specifically with the Jezebel spirit. It is written by a protestant pastor, named Francis Frangipane.( Arrow publicatio Even though it is protestant i found it to be very imformative and helpful to catholics too. Have you ever read this book and would you recommend it? i just looked at the book to make sure i spelled the authors name right I noticed the authour has a web site [omitted URL]. I am going to check it out,
God bless debbie
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 27, 2001 Dear Debbie:
Hey, this ia a Q & A Forum, no problem with asking questions (unless you do it daily or something :-)
You should pray the prayers as often as needed. Oftentimes, especially at the beginning, we need to pray those prayers daily.
Appealing to St. Elijah is a great idea. He certainly know the Jezebel spirit :-)
As far the book written by the Protestant, I would advise not reading books on spiritual warfare written by Protestants unless specially recommended and perhaps annotated by a Catholic Warrior like myself. There can be some good things in some Protestant books, but there can also be great errors.
I have not read this particular author, so I cannot recommend or condemn his writing at the moment.
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