Spiritual Warfare Forum: Soon to be Catholic Priest facing potential Diabolical Infulences

Soon to be Catholic Priest facing potential Diabolical Infulences QUESTION from Humble Swordsman July 24, 2001
First off, I am a practicing Catholic, loyal to the Pope, and combating against protestant and occult with the knowledge of apologetics, Faith, Hope, Charity, Justice, Fortitude, Prudence, and Temperance.
I face a menecing problem that involves a pegan, which happens to be a friend of mine personaly but an enemy to my faith and therefore to me as well, and a girl that pratice such things such as seances, ect. My friend has been involved in her spirit calling and has faced a being which presents himself to be a brother to him in a past life. I know that all the involement with such things are mere deceptions of the enemy, Satan, and amount up to nothing more than rambling. But he said that this entity talks to him on a regular basis and give him strange powers which he cannot account for himself, and this kind of made me concerned, because this may be the first stages of Diobolical Possesion.
My friend wouldn't lie to me on such a sereous matter that he told me to tell no one at all, but since I see that this is the work of evil I will tell those who know how to fight such things so that this problem may be fixed if anything at all. So I ask you good people, how would you remedy such a situation.
One other thing, there is another individual, he is getting out of the satanic practices of Anton Levey, and is having trouble with their high council. Please pray for this individual so that he may get out of this safely.
God bless you.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 27, 2001 Dear Mr. Swordsman:
If you are heading for the Priesthood, and expecially if you are aware and willing to tackle spiritual warfare issues, you can then expect to be a target of the evil one. All priests are targets anyway. You will need to be prepared, and you will need to be able to handle deliverance issues perhaps. Unfortunately you will learn none of this in seminary.
I am putting together a course for priest, deacons, religious, and others who feel called to deliverance work to teach about this subject and to learn the how to's of deliverance from within the restrictions imposed by the Church on this subject. I wish a course like that which I am putting together would be offered in seminary, but I shant hold my breath :-)
As for your friend (and you should really cease all friendships with occultists and the like), help is possible for him BUT he has to be willing to receive help. If he is not willing to receive the help, then little can be done for him directly. You need to pray for him, pray hedge prayers and other prayers like those found in our Prayer Catalog on this site.
With constant prayers for this person, maybe he will come to a point that he will ask for help.
But as much as we would like to help a person, it is not possible to directly help them if they don't want the help.
We will be in prayer for this person, and for you and your vocation, and for this other person who is coming out of satanism.
God Bless.
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