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Spiritual Warfare Forum: Diabolical Manifestations, Home, Family ?

by Catherine Frakas 15 Dec 2002

Diabolical Manifestations, Home, Family ? QUESTION from Denise February 11, 2001
Praise be Jesus Christ.... And may this letter reach you by way of my guardian angel.
Please take my question seriously and to heart. I am not some smart aleck kid writing some stupid joke stuff. I am a wife and mother, age 40 and a cradle catholic. I am the founding president of the diocesan division of the World Apostolate of Fatima and my husband is a founding member of the Men of the Sacred Hearts, (men dedicated to the promulgation of Home Enthronements) I need to know how to contact a person who understands supernatural phenomenon. I am not into the occult or fortune telling. I am not a ghost hunter or involved in any kind of new age stuff or witchcraft or anything that smacks of it. I am not mentally ill. I am a professional in the field of financial administration and am married to the same man for almost 19 years. My life is stable and I am a regular communicant, at times when possible, daily.
I have a deep faith walk with Our Blessed Lord. I am not prone to chasing after visionaries or the likes. I adhere to the magesterial teachings of the church, support the pontiff with great love and admiration, and I hold to the precepts of the church.
I confess regularly, at least monthly if not sometimes weekly.
Now with all the above said, I hope that you will ask God for a light from the Holy Spirit or sign that this letter is truly serious and try to assist me. For fear of being thought crazy, I have kept a great deal of what I and my family are contending with, to myself, for the last 4 to 5 years but I am at a place where I believe in my heart that Our Lord wants me to take this matter to His Church as I am no longer able to deal with it alone. It seems that I am not able to find anyone locally to help me. Recently, I began trying to find some assistance in regards to the following and it seems that I am not being taken seriously. Several priest have told me while in confession that I should talk to a counselor. Father, I am certain in that deep down God knowing place in my soul that this is not a counseling matter but a spiritual one.
Our home has been a place where unexplainable supernatural events continue to take place. Some so serious and frightening that we have moved over the last 5 years on two occassions. Moving did not stop the problems. I will try to briefly outline what I mean by supernatural events.
There is a continuous happening of broken and shattered glass. At times, injury to myself or others in our home. I am not talking about an occasional broken drinking glass in the kitchen sink. I am talking about explosive shatterings of such things as plate glass mirrors, table tops, baking dishes, windows, doors, television screens, and dishes too. Last year I woke up on Thanksgiving morning, went out to my car to go to mass and found my windows to my car shattered.
There has been an unexplainable phenomenon that no plumber has been able to explain or fix with regards to our bathroom toilets. Water gushes up out of the toilet like Old Faithful. And sometimes the water in the toilet bubbles like it were boiling. This too follows to our new residency. We have had appliances just explode into flames. This is not an occassional thing, nor is it because of old appliances. Nor is it because of a faulty electrical problem. Father over the past 5 years we have had numerous plumbers and electricians to our home hoping to resolve this matter logically and with all the modern means possible. I am able to document with bills and statements their findings. No expert could find anything to explain our situations and they almost look at us as if we were nuts.
There have been times when my husband has been awakened from a sound sleep to find me choking for air. While I am experiencing a horrible ghastly presence around my throat. And times when he has seen me pulled up from a sleeping position as if some invisible force had a grip upon me and yanked me with full force up into an upright position in a violent manner. One day while praying the rosary I felt cold clamy hands around my throat and then a squeeze until I couldn't breathe. I was choked so violently that I experienced a massive hemorrage of the eyes. This too is documented by medical records as I sought treament for my eye and photos taken of my eyes. I looked like I had been in a car accident for three weeks. This was so embarrassing to go to work like this wearing sunglasses and having people think that my husband beat me up.
There have been fowl smells beyond human words to describe. And drastic temperature changes in our home. But these changes take place only in certain rooms.
Father, please don't tell me to see a counselor. That's already been suggested, much to my embarrassment. This is clearly not a physcological situation. How do I know this, because my husband was a phyche major at the University of Connecticut. I may be nuts ( I say this tongue in cheek) but I don't think he is, nor my three children or even my friends and neighbors. These happenings have happened while others have been in our home. I am embarrassed by them because I have no explanation and they have no understanding, as neither do I.
We have had a strange thing happen this past year. I call it the weeping of the floors. From no place, water will just appear on our floors. The basement is heated and dry. There are no signs of water or moisture in the floor joists. Yet, water seeps upwards in an unnatural manner. The ceilings are dry and there are no signs of water or roof leaks when this strange thing happens. I have used holy water in the room that has this problem and it almost immediately dries up but then reappears in another room. This is not my mind playing tricks as several friends have been witness to this.
We have had our home blessed. We had a Home Enthronement to the Sacred Heart and a mass was said in our home, yet this phenomenon continues.
Father, can you please help with at least a suggestion of someone that I can turn to for advice or counsel in this matter. This is beginning to take it's toll on us. I am consciously aware that Our Blessed Lord would not allow anything to happen that was not part of His divine will or plan, so I am no longer frightened by these events, but I am becoming fatigued with living with such abnormal realities. I am concerned for the welfare of my 15 year old daughter who doesn't seem to understand this. There are moments when she is frightened by them.
Because I believe this to be so important, I will risk giving you my name and phone number so that you can call me if you need to. I do this with a great deal of trust in Our Lord, so that you will know that this is not a kid or crazy person writing some prank letter to you. I can't tell you how hard and how long I have searched for someone who deals with questions of the diabolic from a totally Catholic perspective. I did not want to expose myself or my family to such dangers as the occult or absurdities such as ghost hunters. Will you please try and help.
Sincerely, Denise
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 17, 2001 Dear Mrs. Denise:
I am sorry that I am so tardy in responding. I am more then two month behind on answering the Q & As due to my illness.
Also, I am removing your last name and your phone number.
By the way, thanks for the promotion, but I am just a brother, not a priest.
Many of the things you describe could possibly have natural explanations. Other things your describe are typical with spiritual problems.
I think the best way to deal with this situation is for us to talk about this on the phone. The issues are too complicated to deal with in this forum.
Perhaps we can make arrangements to talk on the phone?
Bro. Ignatius
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