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Demon Problems?? QUESTION from Dean Pierce on September 12, 2002 I have been saved since I was 12. I have always been good to a point of being a saint, but 90% of the people I meet try to cause me trouble..make up stuff about me and say bad things about me. Im 39 now and it has been going on since 12.
If you are a person that is so good, would satan send demons to follow that person to enter other people around you cause them to act this way. I have come to this conclusion becuase, these people all act the same way. They meet me for 5 sec. and want to cause me trouble. Could this be a Generational Curse. If so, what do I do to get rid of this. I cant stand it for another day.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on September 18, 2002 Dear Mr. Pierce:
The Devil generally doesn't bother someone he already has in his camp. Instead the devil bothers those who are living good Christian lives. He hopes to ruin their lives and make them bad Christians.
The bible tells us to persevere. You must persevere. If God is allowing this trial it is for a reason. Read the story of Job. Job had done nothing wrong, but God allwed Satan to bother him. Perhaps you are a modern day Job and this a a test of your resolve and love of God.
God loves you. Persevere in the faith no matter what happens.
As for a generational curse, anything is possible. There are prayers in the SW prayer catalog linked before to break any generational curses. There may be other prayers in the catalog that you will find helpful.
But the bottom line is that God promises that NOTHING will come into your life that you cannot handle. You can KNOW this because God is not a liar. So hang in there, pray, life a good Christian life, and persevere. God will reward you for your longsuffering.

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