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Evil spirits QUESTION from Matt January 25, 2001 I have a couple questions on demonic spirits. I have been visited twice by evil spirts. Both times were at night when I was about ready to fall asleep. Both were accompanied by a electrical hum. Both times the spirits were brown or wearing brown (although the second time it was a pair of them and they were right over my bed and I was too scared to look at them, But I could feel them leaning over me and had a vision of brown.) The one I did get a look at (the first encounter) was crouching outside my window staring at me and it was naked and had no face (the face was just pure blackness). Both times they left when I started praying. It might be worthwhile to mention that on the second encouter I was starting to dream and I was dreaming that I was moving at a rapid pace up a white wall. Then I heard the two electrical hums that almost sounded like electric guitarts and was immediatly awake, I started praying like I mentiond earlier then they went away. Also I could feel them before I saw them. I was starting to dabble in wicca when these things started happening. After this though I decided it wasn't a good idea and went back to my good old christian belifes. It hasn't happend again.
So my questions are what does the hum,brown,and black face mean, and if Satan uses these things to get us closer to him, why did this happen? Becuase he has been watching us all our lives and should have known that it would just drive me back to God.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on March 12, 2001 Dear Mr. Matt:
The thing about evil is that evil is often blinded by its own arrogance and pride. Thus evil can do many stupid things.
The hum and brown do not have any generic significance. It might have some significance to you unconsciously, but there is no reason to discover what. The black face is a typical manifestion of a demon.
As to why they would visit you? Who knows? Evil is often capricious. There are no whys oftentimes that we can know. Perhaps in the demon's arrogance they thought they could harass you as part of getting you deeper into the pit. This happens often. Instead, that backfired and you came running home -- praise God.
Now that you are home, put this behind you as a warning to not mess with anything not of God again, and pursue your Christ-life in His victory and love.
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