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calling QUESTION from Kevin Fay January 21, 2001 Dear John-Paul,
I have given my life to God for him to use in anyway he see's fit and no matter how difficult the task. I will do, without question, the task he sets for me. The problem is the very, very, strong feeling that he wants me to help people who have become oppressed by the demonic. I feel the strong inescapable need to prepare myself for something. A brother thinks it may have something to do with the training I'm engaged in; I'm a teacher getting ready to specialise in teaching those with emotional problems. I wonder if this is related to the calling God is giving me and that some people inflicted with emotional problems are actually being oppressed. Given the choice, I would not choose to confront the diabolical in such a direct manner. What do you think? This is a scary calling, but I will do it if its God's will.
Yours in Christ, Kev.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on March 12, 2001 Dear Mr. Fay:
The first clue that a calling into Spiritual Warfare is real is if you don't want to do it. Those legitimate people who deal with the diabolical do so ALWAYS by being drug into it kicking and screaming. None of us wants this calling, but do it out of obedience.
If this is God's will for you, you need to be prepared. You will likely go through a testing in the first year or so that will NOT be pleasant and can be VERY scary.
I would suggest you contact me privately for more details. (porter@saint-mike.org)
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