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by Catherine Frakas 04 Jan 2003

Occult Dangers QUESTION from Michael December 10, 2000 Hello,
I am a Christian who started the practice of Western Ceremonial Magick about a year and a half ago, studying the kaballah, tarot, visiting with a tarot reader/witch for divinations, and feel that I was somewhat mislead or confused when I entered this realm of practice and study. I entered with the idea that it (kaballah) was from Jewish origins, and from a white magick perspective, and that I was still a follower of God. After intense work with the tarot, I encountered rather haphazardly and without much effort two spirits that began to channel through my wife, one which claimed to be of a person who was murdered, another a demonic spirit. These involvements led to my ending up in a mental hospital for a month, loss of job, and almost my loss of sanity and family/friends - everything went haywire and I felt a serious evil oppression. I have discarded all my books and past connections to these occult studies and come to God in praying for forgiveness, as I feel I have really fell short of God's Will, and that I was decieved in entering what I discovered to be Satan's playground. I am thankful that I came out of the experience with my life and sanity, and I am writing to ask if the Lord will forgive a Christian who, in a weak and confusing time in life, fell into the deception of the occult, and, although coming into contact with the spirits and practicing magick, has turned away in repentance from these practices. Can such a man recieve God's forgiveness, and still enter the Kingdom of God? I feel foolish now in looking back, as I should have known better from the beginning. I thank God that I didn't permanently end up in the mental institution or lose my life and soul to the dark side, as I felt I almost did. It was extremely dangerous in looking back. It was the worst experience of my life. Is there anything else I should do? Is ESP development and Remote Viewing dangerous or considered occultic feilds of study? Thank you for your guidance, and prayers. God Bless.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on January 28, 2001 Dear Mr. Michael:
Thank you for sharing your story and praise God that you were delivered from that activity. Your story illustrates why playing in Satan's sandbox is stupid and dangerous.
Now that you have been delivered from that, and have repented, of course God forgives you. God is a fogiving God, we only need ask him for forgiveness (and be truly repentive and contrite for our sins).
What else should you do? Praise God daily. Thank Him for His love and for bringing you out of darkness. If you are lead by God to do so, you might share your story with others -- write a book perhaps. That is between you and God as to what to do with this experience.
As for ESP development and Remote Viewing ESPECAILLY given your background, dont walk, but RUN AWAY FROM IT AS FAST as you can. Have nothing to do with such things.
God Bless you.
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