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by Catherine Frakas 05 Jan 2003

Shaitan, Cain QUESTION from DuClos December 6, 2000 Dear sir,
I would begin by saying that I follow no particular religion, and though I have studied many, I would appreciate if any insult or lack of insight on my part be viewed as accidental.
On to my questions. I have found myself surrounded throughout my life by individuals who practice and or believe in the pagan religions (i.e., Wicca, Druidism, etc.). This is not the company I actively seek, merely the company I seem to attract. That said, it is understandable that I would be subjected to many different fanciful statements by many different people. There are two subjects that tend to be recurring topics. These topics have been broached by diiferent people at different times in my life, and I wish to ask you for clarification.
The first statement is that there is a being of great evil named Shaitan who has wished me harm since birth. Apparently he has taken an interest in me for reasons I cannot begin to fathom. This information comes from sources ranging from a Druidic Priestess to a devout catholic clergyman. Who is Shaitan?
The second question deals with a somewhat more touchy subject. A so-called spirit has spoken to me through various different people and devices. This spirit claims that he (she?) follows me because as the decendent of the first murderer I interest him (her?). My research in many areas names the first murderer to be Cain, brother of Abel. Is it possible for me to be a descendant of this biblical man?
Any information or insight you could provide in the matters would be helpful and appreciated. As a born skeptic, I do not easily believe anything of a spiritual or religious nature. However, I would be a fool to ignore these recurring topics. I have never divulged this information to any of these persons...they have always offered in advance. That concerns me.
I would appreciate it very much if you could send an email directly to me. You may post the question if you like, it matters little to me.
Thank you, Ren
Blessed is he who does battle at the Gates of our Enemies and knocks on the Doors of Heaven with their skulls in his hands.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on January 28, 2001 Dear Mr. DuClos:
Demons can have any number of names and there are untold number of demons. It is not possible to have a database of names. And besides, demons, by nature, are liars, so even if there were a database of names, a demon can easily lie about his name. Thus Shaitan is name of a demon I would suppose.
As for why this or any other demon would target you, there doesn't have to be an answer. Oftentime evil is arbitrary. It doesnt have to have a reason. Or there could be any number of reasons ranging from things your ancesters did that might have allowed the demon to stick around in your family bothering family members, to things you have done in the way of sins that allows demons access to you. Since you are not a Christian you do not have the advantage of the hedge of protection that surrounds every Christian. You are open and vulnerable to all sorts of attacks.
As far as being in the family of Cain, yes that is possible, but that has little relevance today. It is more likely that the demon is lying to you. Demons lie a lot. And he could be lying to you to make you think that the demonic harassment is enevitable.
It is not enevitable. It can probably be stopped, but that would require you conversion to Christianity.
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