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by Catherine Frakas 07 Jan 2003

Study of Angels and an interesting situation... QUESTION from Kevin Trusty November 30, 2000 Dear John-Paul,
As you may recall, there was a time when I had studied demons. ALthough I did it in an innocent way, more or less for fascinating reading, I realized that it was a potentially bad situation to get into. I had been studying ways to combat evil forces in our world, when I realized that you were correct in steering me away from such habits. For that I thank you.
I understand now, that studying demons can be harmful and dangerous. My first question is... Is there any harm or danger in the study of Angels? More specifically, the study of INDIVIDUAL angels (i.e. Michael, Gabriel, Metatron, Zophiel, etc) and their prosepective roles? I have been studying angelic behavior, history and lore for quite some time, and I just wanted to know if Im getting into anything dangerous...
Also, I want you to be aware of a particular situation which somewhat bothers me. This has been going on since around late August, at least thats when I first started noticing these occurances.
In a nutshell: God answers my prayers for others...
I am a pit crew member for some friends who are race car drivers. One night, just before the start of a big race, I was alone at our toolbox putting some tools away in our trailer when I said under my breath God, please just get Donnie a top 5 finish tonight. He deserves it, weve worked hard and a top 5 would be great. Donnie, one of our drivers, finished 3rd.
The very next week, I said almost the same exact thing, when I was alone by the toolbox, only this time, I said God, its the last night of the season, and a win or two would be great. Please help Donnie to get a win tonight. Donnie not only won the trophy dash, but the feature race as well.
A month later, we had a new car bult, and were racing the final weekend at a track in Indiana. We failed to qualify for the big race, but had the chance to get into the race by finishing 2nd or 1st in a Last Chance feature. Our other driver, Brett, finished 3rd, and we were all but ready to head for home. Then we found out that there were going to be 2 promotional spots chosen for the big race. The 2 drivers were going to be literally picked out of a hat, among 50 drivers. Again, alone in the trailer I said God, we worked so hard to get this car finished, Brett has driven his heart out this weekend, please GET HIM IN THIS RACE. Not even 5 minutes later, they called his name over the P.A. He got in the race, which held 30 ofthe best drivers in the midwest. Im not sure if his name being drawn from a hat was mere luck...
Finally, and most recently, my father was laid up in the house, with his back thrown out. Later we found out that it was possible a slipped disc, or a pinched nerve. Either way, he could barely move without screaming in pain. When we finally got him comfortable for the night, I was alone in my room and I said to God : Please help Dad feel better. Hes a hard worker and none of us can afford to have him laid up like this. Please make his pain go away. The very next day, not even 10 hours later, Dad was walking around, his pain nearly gone altogether. He was back at work not even 2 days after the ordeal.
Is this coincidence? Or do I have some sort of gift?. I am almost 21 years old, and my faith has NEVER been in question, but of all the times Ive prayed for others, never has so many came true almost immediately.
Have you ever heard of anything like this? How should I proceed?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on Sunday, January 28, 2001 Dear Mr. Trusty:
I am glad to hear that you have backed off in the study of demons.
Studying angels is fine, but your hit a pothole. If you are going to study such things you need to stay with the Church on this and not into apocrapyal material.
There are no angels named Metatron, Zophiel in Church teaching. The only named angels are Micheal, Gabriel, and Raphiel. It is best to stick with that and not go down that road farther than the Church does. It only leads to trouble.
As for your answered prayer story, there is nothing remarkable about it really. God answers prayers. That shouldn't be a surprise :-) and sometimes he says YES.
Say a prayer for me and my degenerative disk and other health problems :-).
However, dont get cocky. God may be blessing you with a series of YES answers to your prayers, but that doesnt mean every prayer will be a yes. God will answer your prayers in a way that is in your best interest. Maybe yoyur best interest right now is to be encouarged by a bunch of Yes answers.
In any event, Praise God, but dont be surprised or think that it is special gift because God say yes. Rather stay humble and praise God.
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