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Is it possible that I saw an angel rather than a demon? QUESTION from Elizabeth November 30, 2000 I saw a bright, almost holographic image of a young man wearing a red football jersey(with the number 41)standing in a dark ravine. He was facing a friend of mine who was rolling down the hill of the golf course that we had crashed. So after I yelled to my friend that some man was watching her, I approached him (my boyfriend followed me)and I noticed that the man was hovering above the ravine. He was really beautiful, but he had no eyes, or rather his eyes were completely black. And although both me and my friend saw him, my boyfriend did not. I am terrified of ghosts; I cant watch most scary films. Nevertheless, I wasnt frightened that night. Is it possible that he was 1 of the 4 archangels, perhaps the #1 archangel Micheal. I have heard that Micheals color is red. I have been raised a Roman Catholic and have gone to Parochial school. What should I do?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on January 28, 2001 Dear Miss Elizabeth:
What should you do? Well unless this apparition is following you around, there is nothing to do. Just file it away as an interesting expereince.
As for what it was, it is possible it was an angel, or it could have been a ghost. There are seven different kinds of ghosts and it is very possible, and maybe more likely possible, that this was one of them.
P.S. There are only three angels identified by the Church: Michael, Gabriel, and Raphiel... Of course in reality there are untold numbers of angels but no other angels with names other than these three have been recognized by the Church. It is wise not to go farther than the Church does on this.
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