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by Catherine Frakas 14 Jan 2003

I'm scared and confused . . . QUESTION from Lily Keyes November 9, 2000 I've reached a high point with a lot of things in my life about now. Things at home are a little less stressful, i'm keeping up fairly well with my grades, my creativity (drawing, writing, etc.) is at it's highest point ever, my friendship situation is staying steady, i'm single and happy, and a couple other small things. But i've been horribly sleep deprived and when i draw, i draw images that pop up out of my head and that i've dreamed of , mostly demons but sometimes human. And I went to a friend of mine that is getting into different wiccan things and stuff and started to tell her about it. But earlier that morning before i told her, i woke up and a couple people at my house were upset (my dad, his girlfriend and her daughter). Rose got scared when she went to wake up sheila (her daughter) so she could get ready when she followed a trail of blood that lead from the stairs to the hallway to her bedroom. And sheila is pregnant and due any day now so it really freaked rose. We still dont know what the blood's from. The night before, a girl whom i had been fighting with came over to apologize and talk and try to straighten things out. It seemed to work out well. But she got really upset when i started bad mouthing the girl that got us fighting in the first place. but we were down by the door in between the two sets of stairs when someone upstairs threw something over the banister unconsciously i think. She went to whip it back and slammed me in the jaw. I pulled my head back around and just stared at her. Her jaw was just dropped and then she started apologizing and stuff like she was scared as heck that i was gonna kill her or something. I wasnt really mad but something just lit inside of me. i sorta felt empty and angry and nothing all at once. i cant exactly explain the feeling but i didnt even feel there. it was so weird. i had more horrible nightmares about demons and all that night so when i woke up to a trail of blood (sheila's room is straight across from mine), it completely freaked me out! i was shaking all day until i talked to my friend. According to her, about the same time i got slammed in the jaw, she got out of the bathtub then looked at the water and thought it looked death red. Her mom saw it too. There is so much more that is just really getting to me and scaring me so bad! And when i went to drivers training class that morning, i only got 4 questions done on my review cuz i was all freaked and tired. When he went to read off the answers, i decided to guess at them just for laughs to maybe brighten my mood or something and out of 30 questions, i only got 2 wrong of all 26 that i had guessed. but those 2 were on purpose because i didnt want this to be happening. when i said a in my mind, a was the answer. and so-on. it scared me so bad i almost wanted to cry. But please answer this soon!!! i'm scared and confused and i want some answers! Could it maybe just be poltergeist? What's going on?
thanx for reading, sorry so long, Lily
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on January 28, 2001 Dear Miss Keyes:
I am sorry that I was not able to answer you soon. I have been ill and am about two months or more behind on these questions.
First of all, the LAST person you want to discuss this with is a wicca friend. In fact, you should terminate friendship with a wicca ESPECIALLY if you are continuing to have demonic type dreams.
As for your dreams and drawings it is possible all this is a manifestation of anxiety and sleep deprivation. Or you could be harassed by demons for whatever reasons -- friendship with a wicca would be reason enough.
I would suggest using some of the Spiritual Warfare prayers we have listed in our SW Prayer page. There is prayer specific to praying before bedtime that might be useful to you.
Otherwise all I can say is that yes, it is possible the some sort of phenomena is talking place around you. But I would have to klnow a LOT more about what is happening, plus interview all the parties involved to be able to make comment on it.
The Prayers in our SW Prayer Catalog is always a good start. If those prayers do not resolve your problems, then you might contact me again for additional help.
We are praying for you.
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